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Entrant Health Check

Recently, number of reports on serious injuries and death occurred during the marathon has gained an attention. It is important that each entrant is aware of his/her own health status before running the marathon and is strongly encouraged to check before participating. The race administrators have acquired insurance in anticipation of the unforeseen accidents in addition to ambulances stationed throughout the race course and at the finishing line. However, administrators will not be held responsible for any additional compensation in the event of any accidents beyond providing emergency medical treatments and the coverage provided by the insurance. All entrants are strongly encouraged to confer with private health institutions before deciding entry.

Entrants who have done the night shift, heavy drinking, lack of sleep, psychological excitement, feeling of tiresome should avoid from the race. Especially, heart attack, feeling of pain on the chest, high blood pressure, diabetes, dizziness after or during the working out, uncomfortable on the muscle, bone, and joint when running, long term of drinking and smoking, family history of heart disease, stroke need doctor’s diagnosis.

Insurance Coverage

All 2018 Daegu International Marathon entrants will be covered with the insurance under following terms and conditions.

Insurance Coverage
Accident Compensation Explanation
Death by liability KRW 100,000,000 No coverage for under 15 & over 80 years of age
Major Disability by liability KRW 100,000,000 All entrants (Compensation depends on the level of disability)
Death due to illness KRW 100,000,000 No coverage for under 15 & over 80 years of age
  1. 1) ‘During the race’ means when you officially check in for the race on the race day until finish the race and disorganization on the same day.
  2. 2) Liability refers to sudden and unforeseen accidents caused by external events without the fault of the entrants causing bodily harm.
    • Ex : Fracture or bodily injury due to a fall.
  3. 3) Illness accidents originated from the body and myocardial infarction, brain hemorrhage, respiratory difficulty, vomiting, cramp and others are classified under this category.
    • All injuries except sprain, fracture or skin piercing can be classified as illness accidents.
  4. 4) Marathon Injuries means due to the drastic and coincidental accident during the marathon, having a permanent damage on the body after the treatment. The insurance provider will cover on the extent of the damage. However, it will not be related to the disease or the injury that have already occurred.
  5. 5) Any death claim following the race will be tested for alcohol and other substance tests. Any death unrelated to the marathon will not be compensated. Please avoid and refrain from alcoholic drinking and any other activities which may hinder bodily recovery following the race.

※ As changing regulations of the financial supervisory service, the previous regulations about payment for the marathon treatment do not apply anymore.

※ Because of those reasons, Daegu International Marathon will not cover the medical expenses for injury and disease. Entrants must sign up for the insurance individually.

Assembly Time and Place

  • Time: 7:00 AM April 1, 2018 (Sunday) [Race start : 8:00AM / Gukchaebosang Memorial Park]
  • Place : City Hall parking lot

※ Please report to assembly locations with appropriate attire and entry number and follow the direction of the administrators stationed at each location.

※ We anticipate congestion on the date of the race. Please depart for the assembly locations early to allow enough time.

Eligibility & Number of Entrants

  1. 1) Half Marathon: Any healthy men and women who want to join the race.
  2. 2) 10km Run: Any healthy men and women
  3. 3) Run4Health: Any healthy men and women

Event Start time

Following the operating staff’s guide, move orderly to the road in front of the Gukchaebosang Memorial Park and then start according to the signal by referee.

  • Half Marathon: 8:11 am
  • 10km Run: 8:15 am
  • Run4Health: 8:35 am

※ Starting time is subject to change due to the road condition on race day.

  1. 1) Entrants who finish the race early may not cross the road in front of the KukChae Foreign Debt Commemorative Park because Elite roof course runs through downtown from KukChae Foreign Debt Commemorative Park. Those who wish to leave the race early without attending the closing ceremony, please use Joong-Ang Ro subway station (Line 1) located 600m to the west of the KukChae Foreign Debt Commemorative Park.
  2. 2) The roads between the 10Km finishing line, City Hall parking lot, and the full course finishing line KukChae Foreign Debt Commemorative Park shall be off-limits until the end of the race and the entrants may not enter the road for travelling after crossing the finishing line. Entrants who wish to move must use the underground pedestrian way front of the 2.28 Commemorative Park located 300m to the west of KukChae Foreign Debt Commemorative Park.
  3. 3) Checkpoint: The course will have signage every 1Km to assist entrants’ pace control
  4. 4) No Assistance Policy : Entrants may not receive any help during the race. If any assistance is given and reported, the entrant will be disqualified from the race.

Bib Number

All entrants must wear bib number issued by 2018 Daegu International Marathon on the chest.

The bib shall not be tempered or modified for any reason and if tempered or modified the entrant will be disqualified from the race.

Time Limit and Sweep Vehicles

To minimize traffic inconveniences, the race time is strictly limited to 3 hours for full and half marathon, 90 minutes for 10km run, and 60 minutes for Run4Health. . After the limit time, the traffic control is automatically removed so participant beyond the limit should get on the sweep vehicles to avoid any possible incidents. The Organizer will not take any liabilities for accidents that happen as participants refuse to get on the sweep vehicles to keep on running.

Changing room and Baggage Deposit

Baggage deposit service is available on race day. Please keep the depository sticker for baggage pick up. Please note that the organizer is not liable for any damage and/or loss of valuables. Changing rooms are set up at the assembly area on race day.

Theft and Vehicle Damage

The organizer is not liable for any damage and/or loss of valuables and vehicles. It is strongly advised to use public transportation and leave personal valuables at home.

Traffic Restriction

Traffic restriction around the Gukchaebosang Memorial Park will begin at mid-night on the day of the race. Any illegally parked vehicles will be towed. Since the race is held within the congested city area with limited parking spaces, please use public transportation. Also, an operation of any personal vehicles (automobile, motorcycle, and bicycle) throughout the racing course is not authorized for coaching or cheering purpose except for the official race vehicles. Any authorized vehicles should place the issued sticker at the right-top of the windshield for easy recognition.

Drink and Snack

Water is available every 5km in the course and at the finish line. Wet sponges are available every 5 km starting at 7.5km mark. Snacks are offered to full and half marathon runners within the course.

Record and Chip Return

Net-time method will be used for the official record. For this, all runners must attach distributed timing chip to their BIB or shoe. If the chip is not attached properly or the runner does not step on sensor mats, running time will not be recorded and the race is deemed disqualified.
The chip must be returned after the race. If not, the chip should be returned via mail. A penalty of 22,000KRW will be charged for any loss or damaged chip.

Registration Package

2018 Daegu International Marathon official registration package includes bib number, souvenir, official program, and other items. Please note different gifts will be given for different events.
Registration package will be delivered to the address given on the application form. All entrants will receive a medal upon complete of the race. A certification of race record will be delivered via mail within 3 weeks after the race for Entrants who run full, half, and 10km race.

Pick Up and Ambulance Vehicle

There will be ambulance vehicles available throughout the course. All runners left on the route after the time limit shall be picked up by vehicle. Any entrant who experiences difficulty and cannot continue the race must inform technical officers and follow the instruction given. You shall dismiss from the course as soon as instructed to do so. Issued chip will be collected on the pick-up or ambulance vehicle.

Medical Aid

An ambulance with emergency medical staff will be stationed during the race with resting and emergency treatment tents at the finish line. Any injuries or accidents which may occur during the race will be subjected to emergency treatments and the coverage under the insurance. Administrator will not be liable for additional compensation.

After Crossing Finish Line

It is recommended to continue light walking or jogging after crossing the finish line. Follow official personnel’s instruction and consume enough hydration. Return the timing chip, collect medal and pick up your belongings at the baggage deposit.

To exit race area, avoid finish line and any race areas. Exit only under the guide of official personnel.

Personal Information Protection

Daegu International Marathon organizer collects personal information including name, resident registration number, address, contact number, and email. The purpose of collecting personal information is to register entrant for an insurance and distribute notices, registration package, and race record certification. Daegu International Marathon organizer does not expose any personal information collected during the registration.


For any group entry applications, acceptance of the race terms and conditions by the group leader is deemed as acceptance approval by the whole group.


Daegu International Marathon administration office reserves the right to reject or cancel any entry and to disqualify and bar any entrant, to invite any guests, to stop or cancel race (No refund will be made if cancellation is due to force majeure) or to change the race course.The Daegu International Marathon is organized and conducted under International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) road race rules.

Group Team against 5 or more