2014.04.06 START 08:00 SUNDAY Gukchaebosang Memorial Park

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It is our great pleasure to host 2014 Daegu International Marathon. We dedicate ourselves to the event preparation to make it another successful and enjoyable event in 2014.

Daegu invites elite marathon runners and masters at all levels to run together. Daegu International Marathon brings together varied groups of people with passion for running. With a sincere hope to host a meaningful event for everyone, Daegu International Marathon will amplify the love of running for all and promote health through running.

On behalf of 2.6 million Daegu citizens, we welcome all of you and hope you will have a great time in Daegu!

Name : Daegu International Marathon 2014

  • Date and time : Sunday, April 6, 2014, 08:00 A.M
  • Venue : Gukchaebosang Memorial Park, Daegu
  • Type : 42.195km Marathon(Elite, Masters), 10km(Masters), Run4Health(Masters)
  • Organizers : Daegu Metropolitan city, Korea Association of Athletics Federations(KAAF)
  • Managing Organizations : Daegu Sports Council, Daegu Athletes Federation (DAF)

Elite Full Course (42.195km)

  • Qualification : Foreign Athletes invited by Daegu International Marathon organizing committee and the Korean Athletes registered to KAAF are eligible for registration.
  • Entry Division : Men, Women
  • Rules : The race follows the Official Regulations by KAAF.
  • Special Drinks : For the special drinks and/or refreshments, athlete‚Äôs name, BIB number and specific station (km) should be clearly written on the containers. Elite Athletes should submit it prior to the event (between 07:00-07:30 A.M.) on April 6, 2014. More information will be given at the technical meeting.

Masters Full Course (42.195km)

  • Qualification : Any healthy men and women aged over 18 as of the day of race (April, 6, 2014)
  • Entry fee : \ 40,000 or $40
  • Gathering spot : Daegu city Hall Parking Lot at 7:00AM [Race starts at 8:10 A.M.]
  • Time limit : 5 hours

Masters 10km Course

  • Qualification : Any healthy men and women
  • Entry fee : \ 30,000 (or US$30)
  • Gathering spot : Daegu City Hall Parking lot at 7:00AM [Race starts at 8:20 A.M.]
  • Time limit : 100 minutes

Masters Run4Health Course

  • Qualification : Any healthy men and women
  • Entry fee : \ 15,000 (or US$15)
  • Gathering spot : Daegu City Hall parking lot at 7:00AM [Race start at 8:40 A.M.]
  • Time limit : 80 minutes

Application Period and Process

  • Apply online by March 7, 2014 at
  • Registration may close if the number of participants exceeds 3,000(full course), 10,000(10km) and 3,000(Run4Health).


  • Drinks and refreshments will be served to all participants.
  • Souvenir and brochure will be given to all participant after the race, and certificate and medal will only be given to those complete the full and 10km course.