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2019 Daegu International Marathon - Highlight video

2019 Daegu International Marathon Cautions

Entrant Health Check

Recently, serious injuries and even deaths have occurred during the marathon races. All entrants are strongly encouraged to check health conditions before participating. The race administrators have acquired insurance in anticipation of the unforeseen accidents in addition to ambulances stationed throughout the race course and at the finishing line. However, administrators will not be held responsible for any additional compensation in the event of any accidents beyond providing emergency medical treatments and the coverage provided by the insurance. All entrants are strongly encouraged to confer with private health institutions before deciding entry.

Insurance Coverage
Accident Compensation Explanation
Death by liability KRW 100,000,000 No coverage for under 15 & over 80 years of age
Major Disability by liability KRW 100,000,000 All entrants (Compensation depends on the level of disability)
Death due to illness KRW 100,000,000 No coverage for under 15 & over 80 years of age

1) 'During the race' means when you officially check in for the race on the race day until finish the race and disorganization on the same day.
2) Liability refers to sudden and unforeseen accidents caused by external events without the fault of the entrants causing bodily harm.
- Ex : Fracture or bodily injury due to a fall.
3) Illness accidents originated from the body and myocardial infarction, brain hemorrhage, respiratory difficulty, vomiting, cramp and others are classified under this category.
- All injuries except sprain, fracture or skin piercing can be classified as illness accidents.
4) Marathon Injuries means due to the drastic and coincidental accident during the marathon, having a permanent damage on the body after the treatment. The insurance provider will cover on the extent damage. However, it will not be related to the disease or the injury that have already occurred.
5) Any death claim following the race will be tested for alcohol and other substance tests. Any death unrelated to the marathon will not be compensated. Please avoid and refrain from alcoholic drinking and any other activities which may hinder bodily recovery following the race.

  • As changing regulations of the financial supervisory service, the previous regulations about payment for the marathon treatment do not apply anymore.
  • Because of those reasons, the organizers will not cover the medical expenses for injury and disease. Entrants must sign up for the insurance individually.
Baggage Deposit and Missing Item Including Theft.

Baggage claim is ready for entry type so participant must use designated depository place. After the finish, the deposit will be returned on the present of the depository sticker. (We do not accept any valuable items. Please note that the organizers are not liable for any damage and/or loss of valuables.) Recently, there have been many cases of theft that break into parked vehicles and steal cash and other valuables at marathon races. Considering this, do not carry cash and valuables as possible.